This is what got the blops inspired to start playing a game.
This is what got them hooked. Though I don't quite get the connection to card based gambling...
This is what I'll have to do now: Grab my ink and sketch them out some alternatives.

why gambling does not qualify as a new year's resolution (even though the blops strongly disagree)

I had the most amazing cake the other day. It was chocolate. Hmmm... so good. It was even better because I had it right after a regenerative nap... That being said...

Do you remember last time...when I was talking about the blop's hibernation cycle? Yeah, I am talking about exactly that cake and nap... And do you remember the blops' eagerness to find themselves a new year's resolution? - Well, they found... something... 

They decided playing poker would do for a good resolution. I mean, seriously! Poker? I tried to explain to them that playing poker might qualify as gambling... but as a valid new year's resolution? I don't think so. Unfortunately, they disagree. They can be stubborn little buggers. And I wouldn't mind so much, if it weren't for the outbursts of some losing blops... They can be such spoilsports... really! But see for yourself. I have captured the whole thing in ink. Now, you might wonder, how it all happened, the poker playing and outbursting... It's easily explained:

I took them to game night. And when I say game night I mean tabletop games with nice little wooden houses or plastic goblins... They did enjoy it immensely, at first. And started playing themselves. And then something changed... Only how or when playing tabletop games transformed into poker playing and gambling... I haven't got a clue. So, in order to stop the outbursts and quarrels I went to grab my ink bottle and brush and sat down to sketch out some alternatives for the blops... Something to stop them from making big messes with cards and chips after losing a game.

I am still at it - haven't had much luck, yet. So, if you come up with something fun and light, nothing too controversial... Please... Share...

PS: And yes, I am aware that, contrary to the header, I did not actually explain why playing poker does not qualify as a new year's resolution. - I had to break up a fight between blops in the middle of writing this. So my priority is on finding them another more peaceful occupation rather than explaining the obvious. Sorry... maybe next time...


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