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why blops like hibernating in january

Have you ever heard of hibernation month? I have. Just recently. There was this youtube video. And the video host proclaimed that January was hibernation month. And that you will only come out of your hibernation cave for a delicious hibernation cake... Wait, what?

I mean, hibernation month would explain why all those little blops haven't shown their cute inky faces around here for weeks. But, still... is there really an official hibernation month? - So I started digging for information. And while I did my research on hibernation and winter blues, one after another the blops started waking up and taking an interest. So, apparently there is no official official hibernation month for humans ;)... Even though there seams to be some evidence that the lack of sun light and holiday stress leads to winter blues... What a surprise!

What I can tell you for sure is that blops do hibernate in January. And when they wake up they are immediately anxious to do something new and exciting. Which leads to a quite funny situation because they are still a little disoriented from their long rest and don't really know what to do with themselves, yet they have to start doing something that instance, right then and there... Since their year has just started I suggested they chose something they might want to accomplish within the next 11 month and I might also have mentioned the words new year's resolution...

I shouldn't have... Really... It's chaos... A complete inky mess... They simply cannot decide among themselves what their rather late new year's resolution should be. So, I've been bombarded with questions ever since... Questions over questions over questions over questions... Discarding all my proposals while coming up with even more questions and new questions and more questions... I am running out of ideas here. Unlike them, I haven't been hibernating... But the thought of a comfy pillow and a nice and warm blanky sounds very good right about now.

What would you recommend? You have an idea? That's wonderful! You can take over! Immediately! I'll be testing the positive effect of an early afternoon nap on... well... myself. - I'll be back as soon as that delicous cake is done baking. 

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