why blops love prompts

withanticipation... With so much anticipation, that you could have been able to feel their excitement crackle in the air like electricity in a thunder storm near a high voltage line, the blops were looking forward to their first participation in Ellen Million's monthly Sketch Fest... 48 hours of choosing prompts to spark inspiration on what activity to do next, on how to act out scenes, on how to do crazy stuff they have never done before and getting cheered for it... And they loved it! I think it's been the first time they got in the flow with their creativity... Never mind that I could hardly keep up sketching... Never mind that I had previous engagements for this weekend and really would have liked an hour or two of moresleep... Never mind that my ink bottle came alarmingly close to being depleted before the end of those 48 hours... (without having my ink making supplies with me)

We made it through anyway! And proudly so... For the first time ever the blops split up and pursued their individual prompt choices some in pairs some in small groups and one they did together... 

You have to imagine a staring contest like a boxing match... At least that is how blops do it... With the right kind of attitude, a bunch of groupies and supporters... This is how you win! - istareyou
You can always... well... cheat... I have tried to convince those blops cheating just isn't the way, but... they do have a mind of their own and a strong one at that... So, tricking the other contestant... is undoubtedly a possibity. - tricksterstarer
Hmmmmeeoowww... Who knew? Cats seem to like coffee... blops however don't like cats liking coffee... Especially not their coffee... Better scatter cat! - coffeecat
Did you know that blops love things that glow, sparkle or reflect light? They do! No wonder they like decorating trees off-Christmas-season... Sometimes they get carried away a bit... or wrapped up in decorations... - toomuch?
Home sweet home... home... blop... home... It is not their original home, but... they like it in that tiny treehouse. And I like them there, too. Finally a place of rest and quiet... ;) - hometree
Finders Keepers! That poor leopard will have to use all his persuasive skill to get its spot back... Why would he leave it lying around, anyway? Who does such a thing? It won't get lost again... blops do keep a hold on things... - foundit!
Wooohooooo! My blops found themselves a new passtime... Cycling and skate-surfing... Yes, that is a thing... You should try it some time... well, if you were a blop... - bikeandsurf
If you build an elaborate sand castle, the last thing you will want to happen is... someone stepping on it... ooopsiedooopsie! - ooopsiedooopsie
They found it... Took them just a few hours of travel... And they came prepared! People, take your magma dragons to safety while you still can! The blops mean business! Days of playing lie ahead... - playdatewithmagmadragon

If you want to find them still playing around on the Sketch Fest site, read their full stories, check out the cheers they got, comment yourself and maybe even score a deal on a picture or two go and visit blopdotink's work at Sketch Fest!

And I've got a little secret for you: The blops decided to add Sketch Fest to their monthly routine! Wait what? The blops do have a monthly routine? Do tell! what is it? You might wonder... Well... up until now... they didn't... But this will start the blop routine! And you can help us make it even more fun and even harder still... The blops don't just want to act out prompts and do random activities... They want to make it a complete and coherent story! So, again, we will need your help!!! Give us a topic, a theme, a genre, a plot idea... anything we can use to make a story by using the completely unrelated April Sketch Fest prompts! Leave us your ideas down below in the comments and the idea that the blops will choose to pursue will win a mystery Easter surprise package!

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Comment by Ines |

What about the blops making a trip to New York? I'd like that!

Comment by Daniel |

Hallo Liebe Anne,

Warum kann ich die Bilder nicht anklicken? Ich würde mir die Bilder gern in Original-Größe anschauen.

Viele Grüße


Reply by thecreator

Hallo Daniel,

ich hab mit den blops geredet und obwohl sie an dem Wochenende nicht in der Maske waren, haben sie zugestimmt, dass ich ihre Bilder im Close-Up hier zur Verfügung stellen darf. (Aber auf gar keinen Fall irgend welche Pickelkommentare machen, dann gibt es nie wieder große Bilder!) ;D

Toodles and Yours,